At TMS mobility, we offer a wide range of bespoke rise and recline chairs to suit all needs.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality products and first-class customer service, before, during and after purchase.

Our philosophy is all about providing you with comfort, support and total relaxation all at an affordable price.

We know that style is important to you, our stylish chairs come in a wide range of fabrics, mechanisms and finishes to suit any home, giving you the freedom to make the right choice to suit your requirements.

Download our brochure to browse through our full range of chairs available. To discuss your specific needs, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find the perfect rise and recline chair for you.

Pride LC101 Riser Recliner

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The Hampton

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The Harmony

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The Windsor

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The Buckingham

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The Surrey

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The Warminster

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We provide riser recliner chairs in a range of different styles and finishes to suit all budgets and mobility requirements. View our range of electric riser recliners available in leather and fabric and speak to our specialist advisers if you require additional advice. It is important to make the right choice in chair to suit your needs.

Stay Independent and Safe

Enjoy the flexibility and comfort that our riser recliner chairs can provide. If you choose a single or dual motor chair, both provide more spinal support and ideal for users suffering from poor leg circulation or similar conditions. There is no need to struggle for balance and risk injury falling into the chair as all of our chairs will tilt you gently until you are on your feet.

Get in touch today and see how TMS can help you with your mobility needs.